Extend your sales efforts through Friends, Colleagues and Clients

Get rewarded for sending and receiving sales leads with your trusted colleagues across ANY industry at ANY time.

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How It Works

  • BOOM!! You’ve just received a sales lead from perhaps a Friend, Colleague or Client.
  • You can send and receive sales leads with any of your trusted colleagues here at LeadSheets.net. Logon and invite others to join your network.
  • Purchase KNOTs to reward colleagues when you close a deal from a sales lead. Sending a reward is your choice!

Leadsheets.net facilitates the exchange of sales leads between Friends, Colleagues and Clients. 

Did you discover a business opportunity that is a great match for a trusted colleague? Then send them a LeadSheet!  Your trusted colleagues will reward you with a piece of the action when the deal closes. 

Yes, you get rewarded for sending sales leads so share what you find out there!

Grow your business by empowering your Friends, Colleagues and Clients to send you sales leads.  Get a LeadSheet?  Did the deal close?  Then reward that referral source so they send you more business opportunities. 

Yes, you can get more business by extending your sales efforts through Friends, Colleagues and Clients.  It’s like adding to your sales team without hiring anyone!

And, it’s FREE

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